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Why Shower Pumps?

Whether it is to address inadequate water pressure or simply enjoy a more exhilarating shower experience Plumbworld has a pump for you. All Torrent shower pumps conform to both UK and European standards, are backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and are supported by a Customer Service Department and Technical Helpline that are second to none.

Two types of impellers are used in our pumps to help deal with different installation situations. A shower pump should be sited as close to the hot water cylinder as possible, however, if the shower pump is fitted in the loft or above the hot water cylinder (minimum static head required), regenerative pumps are a better choice as they tend to be less affected by the air that can accumulate in the system.


  • Specially designed impeller that aids removal of air generated in the system
  • Slightly lower flow rates compared to Centrifugal pumps

Ideal to use when...

  • Pipework is complicated by many bends and elbows


  • High efficiency impeller, less tolerant to air generated in the system
  • Higher flow rates compared to Regenerative pumps

Ideal to use when...

  • Pump is situated well below (>2m) the height of the cold storage tank
  • Pipework and bends can be kept to a minimum

See our videos below to see the benefits of a Plumbworld shower pumps.

See our video