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Installation Advice

Full installation instructions are supplied with each pump but please note the following:-


  • Do not connect pumps directly to the water mains supply
  • Pumps cannot be used with combination boilers
  • Verify if you need a positive or universal head pump
  • Select a position that affords easy access for servicing and maintenance
  • Pumps must be mounted horizontally with ports vertical
  • Do not cover the pump, otherwise the motor may overheat
  • Place pump in a frost-free location
  • Ensure minimum static head requirements are maintained

Water Connections

  • Do not use jointing compounds or tape
  • Isolation valves must be fitted to assist draining down system
  • Do not bend hoses as this will restrict flow rates
  • The use of Surrey or York flange is recommended
  • Ensure correct pipe size is used

Electrical Connections

  • Pumps must be earthed
  • 230V pumps must be connected via a switched fused spur
  • Complete all pipework before making electrical connections
  • Follow latest IEE regulations

Before Using

  • Turn water on
  • Run hot and cold water independently for 2 minutes each to remove air
  • Inspect for any leaks
  • Switch on power to pump
  • Run hot and cold water for 2 minutes
  • Reinspect for any leaks

Download the full instruction leaflets below...
Torrent 1.5 Bar
Torrent 2.0 Bar
Torrent 2.0 Bar Universal
Torrent 3.0 Bar Brass